Delivering world-class functionality from our heritage of grocery and general merchandise built into a rich functional fuel solution.

The fuel of tomorrow…

PCMS has seen the growth of the multi-site retailers looking for an enterprise solution with real time data across their estate. This gives forecourts the same level of control over their operations as some of the major high street retailers, providing them with access to multiple reports on products and promotions. This can all be obtained from one central point through the web; the Forecourt solution is designed for the fuel retailer of today and the future. Adding fuel functionality to our core Commerce Suite delivers a complete solution meeting the needs of owners, franchises and operations managers. The solution utilizes DOMS Controllers being the industry standard (can be integrated to other controllers), ensuring ease of integration into the majority of pumps throughout the EU.

PCMS can help you

  • Manage wet stock levels
  • Control your VAT
  • Provide comprehensive reports
  • Create seamless shopping experience
  • Develop customer loyalty

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