4 ways personalized offers drive sales

Nov 17, 2017 | Blog

Personalized offers are the future of retail and best optimized through digital experiences. The 2017 UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper Study revealed an important trend about the evolution of digital experiences and how this can influence consumer behavior: “There’s a new crop of shoppers born from technology, who have honed their online shopping skills and learned how to find the best prices from every corner of the world.”

Retailers are often finding their consumers are savvy shoppers and expect retailers to understand their interests before they enter a brick-and-mortar store. Here are four ways PCMS’s Personalized Offers empower retailers to connect with their consumers:

Imagine sitting in traffic on your commute home from work: the day went smoothly at the office, but it’s time to start mentally planning errands for the evening. You definitely have to swing by after school care to pick up the kids first—then you can head home to start cooking the meal-kit you’ve been excited to try all week. But, you instantly remember that your oldest child needs a pair of black flats for a chorus concert this weekend.

As you briefly relish in the horror of hauling your kids to the store, an idea pops into your head: didn’t I just receive a coupon in my inbox? After scrolling through emails you quickly find the 20% coupon, apply it to your online purchase and voilà! The shoes will be delivered to your house in the next few days. The speed and convenience of smartphone purchasing, combined with the coupon, helped you complete your final purchase. The wave of relief that washes over you is exactly what PCMS wants to instill in consumers. Our new personalized offers empower our clients to ‘surprise and delight’ their shoppers!

Create and manage any kind of offer:

Retailers can customize any offer down to an individual shopper. This includes competition entry, basket discount, free memberships, unique experiences, spend over time, etc. Retailers can link offers to multi-channel campaigns, to influence customer behavior and drive increased sales.

Choose your targets:

This can be organic, or based on a set list. Retailers have the capability to select an imported list from CRM, or link to other applications. Also, there are options allowing customers to choose their own type of offers. This provides retailers with helpful data, so they can predict shopping patterns and offer tailored experiences in the future.

Surprise and delight customers:

Instead of giving out a coupon to a potential consumer, reward good behavior from your ‘super consumers.’ Retailers can link offers to location, spending levels, referrals, visits, and social media interaction. If a consumer meets specific thresholds, their behavior could be compensated. For example, if a customer likes ten of your Instagram posts they will receive a coupon for money off of their next visit. This encourages authentic brand interaction.

Engage communities:

According to IBM’s recent study on Gen Z Brand Relationships, 55% of Gen Zers give their time to brands they consider to be eco-friendly or socially responsible. A personalized offer rewards stakeholders in the community, such as groups, clubs and charities. This helps retailers learn who their customers support, understand their relationships, and link rewards to influence.

UPS Survey: https://solutions.ups.com/rs/935-KKE-240/images/UPS-Pulse-of-the-Online-Shopper-2017-Volume-1.pdf

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