Three key themes at The Big Retail Show

Jan 29, 2018 | Blog

We were proud to present our solutions at NRF’s Big Retail Show in New York recently. During a busy three days, our international sales and product teams took part in countless conversations, drank thousands of cups of coffee and presented our interactive customer journeys to hundreds of show attendees. Thanks to everyone who shared their optimism and passion for retail with the PCMS booth team!

Over the past week, our retail experts have gathered for an internal show de-brief and discussed the many themes and opportunities that arose from the event. PCMS Group Chief Product Officer Martyn Osborne said there was a consensus among his team as to the three key themes that emerged from the show.

Martyn says: “It was a great expo. The weather wasn’t too bad and there was an abundance of energy and enthusiasm for what we are trying to achieve at PCMS. It was also the busiest show I can recall being at. Footfall and pre-arranged visits were at an all-time high for us.

Having spoken to my colleagues, it’s clear that there was plenty of new thinking at the show, but much of the feedback we received was about three long-term talking points that we have previously identified.

The first of these is consistency. Retailers are looking to break down silos and give their customers identical brand experiences, regardless of the channel. We experienced much interest in our VISION Commerce Suite offer because of this – particularly how it works in-store, with BYOD and even with voice-activated interactions. With our new presentation style, we were able to walk through common customer journeys, viewing them through the eyes of the customer, and relate that directly to how PCMS can help them with our solutions. It was great to discuss the journeys, talk about the technology and demonstrate every one of our solutions interactively all at the same time.

Secondly, almost every retailer we spoke to was looking to use personalization to reinvigorate their marketing efforts. Personable, relevant, timely experiences are the aim; these are at the heart of our Personalized Offers capabilities. We believe Personalized Offers are so much wider than closed loop loyalty cards and POS systems. For example, we showed how we integrate with social media by posting photos to Instagram that were taken at our booth. Visitors were then immediately sent an SMS saying ‘Hey, you are at NRF, why not stop by and use this voucher for a free coffee.’

Lastly, Sell From Anywhere was a huge topic at the show. Many retailers are feeling the pain of multiple systems, and trying to untie themselves from the complexity and complications this can cause. We were able to show traditional Point of Sale (POS), our own Self-scan checkout and Convertible Lane technology, as well as mobility and customer self-scan on their cell phone. We also demonstrated Endless Aisle for reaching out into the wider company inventory to find the item the customer wants, wherever it is located, and explained how to get it to them, seamlessly wrapped with the Personalized Offers platform. As a result, we had a great reaction to our single-system VISION Commerce Suite offer.”

If you would like to follow-up a conversation with a member of the PCMS team or speak more generally about the NRF show or retail, please contact us at

The official NRF show re-cap can be also found here;

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