PCMS market report – how to engage shoppers in 2018

May 29, 2018 | PCMS News

Engaged commerce is here to stay, which means retailers need to be able to sell from anywhere and allow their customers to enjoy all the benefits of a ‘continuous basket’.

We are at a crossroads in 2018 because many retailers are not confident in how to cater to their consumer’s fast-evolving needs. In light of the proliferation of digital channels and a hunger for cross-channel consistency, PCMS has carried out extensive consumer research.

We surveyed 1,000 people, resulting in some fantastic findings!

Our “Navigating Modern Retail” report revealed five new shopping journeys consumers would like to enjoy in stores. Here are some of our results:

-49% of shoppers want to be able to research and order goods through staff-operated digital tablets in stores.

-37% of shoppers want to research and order goods in stores themselves, using digital kiosks or electronic shelf labels with QR codes.

-29% want to be able to order an out-of-stock item from another store or the ecommerce site, at the checkout and have it delivered to their home.

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