Enabling Commerce: Reshaping retail ‘basket’ at every touchpoint

Jul 24, 2018 | PCMS News

In PCMS’ recent “Navigating Modern Retail Report” out of 2,000 consumers surveyed, 46% said smartphones are the lead research device, 29% use tablets and 42% prefer to use a laptop prior to making a purchase.

But, where is omnichannel consistency required the most? It appears price inconsistency is a huge consumer issue—40% of respondents said they were frustrated about price disparity in-store and online.

Customers require the ability to create a ‘basket’ online and move it to the store in a fluid exchange if they so choose.

There are four processes retailers should consider to enable a true unified customer experience:

  1. Since every retail journey is different, the ability to test and implement a proof of concept quickly is a key to success. Choose a solution that can quickly pilot.
  2. Centralize your experience for easy management of your complex retail ecosystem.
  3. Surprise and delight your customers through incentive-based offers to define your store level experience for the customer.
  4. Train your store associates to have common goals and understand the same process and priorities as your key stakeholders.

PCMS allows ‘baskets to stay with the customer and not their device. Transactions track across channels, increasing consumer convenience and a retailers ability to up-sell. Whether it is online, in-store, on-app and on mobile, the experience is the same! A few real-world examples of how VISION Commerce Suite can improve every aspect of a retailer’s estate include:

Store Managers: Drive store sales performance with Endless Aisle commerce conversions. Keep customers content through line busting and convertible lane options.

Sales Assistants: Have access to rich, reliable, real-time information about locations and up-selling opportunities. Tailor their approach using mobile POS. According to BRP’s Customer Engagement Survey, 62% of retailers plan to increase their use of mobile devices for POS by the end of 2019.

Customers: Shop ‘their’ way with quick payment and short lines, including on their phones, self-scan or manned tills. They can receive more timely and personalized chances to not only save, but they can also pass promotions on to friends and family.

Point of Sale Operators: With a faster system at their fingertips, they will face smaller lines and happy customers. The ease of use avoids any aggravations like system reboots.

Track Inventory: Track orders at the point of delivery and reduce waste with analysis.

At the end of the day, customers like feeling if they need to purchase an item, it can be done through multiple avenues. The flexibility a retailer provides is reassuring for a customer to come back time after time. Retailers owe their customers a robust point of sale experience that can connect the dots along the way. With software solutions like PCMS’ VISION Commerce Suite, a single solution can provide widespread value to every channel and touchpoint impacting the customer journey.

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