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Offer your customers convenient ways to make payment without compromising on security.

In the current market of changing legal requirements PCMS take payment and EMV considerations seriously, without compromising the customer’s desire to pay in diverse and quicker ways. As payment systems evolve, PCMS and its partner networks stay at the forefront of innovation so our customers can take advantage of new and quicker payment methods as they are released. This enables consumers to complete the final part of the journey in a way that they want and increasingly expect. PCMS provide secure payment solutions across our entire portfolio including mainline POS, Self-scan checkout, Mobile, Weigh Scales and queue busting. Coupled with contactless and wallet payment capability, PCMS provides an all-round flexible payment system to service your varying business requirements in a secure manner.

Ensuring peace of mind to both your business and customers alike

When partnering with payment software providers, PCMS keep PCI and PADSS at the heart of the integration. Our solution supports tokenisation and end-to-end/point-to-point encryption. Using our unique PADSS certified Card Handling Module we isolate the Point of Service applications from the communication to the payment software. This Module in conjunction with our partner P2PE certified payment solution; ensure that no un-encrypted card data is ever stored.

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